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Why Send Your Child to Christian School?

Why choose a Christian school? A Christian school provides your child an education that encourages the flourishing of their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Many parents are searching for an alternative to public school, homeschooling, or online learning. If you are looking at Christian education for your child please consider some of the reasons why Christian school is important.

1. Christ-Centered Education

Most children will spend over 16,000 hours at school before they graduate. Their teachers, coaches, and classmates have a significant influence not only on what they learn but on who they become. During these formative years, a Christian school can help students to become confident in their identity as men and women who bear the image of God and to develop a strong understanding of how biblical truth influences all of life. Every relationship and subject is impacted by the light of the Gospel.

2. Parental Involvement

Christian education prioritizes the authority and involvement of parents in a child’s education. We partner with parents to help each student succeed and encourage parents to be closely involved in academic decisions and coursework.

3. Genuine Community

We strive to foster a genuine, caring community in our schools. This is evident in the strong bonds that students form with each other as well as with their teachers and coaches. Instead of providing negative peer pressure, students encourage each other to do their best. Our teachers are committed Christians and openly model what it looks like to live out their faith both inside and outside of the classroom.

4. Academic Excellence

Christian education develops well-rounded individuals through the integration of faith and academics. We prioritize academic excellence and hire well-qualified teachers, many of whom have advanced degrees. Our students consistently outperform public schools in standardized testing and are sought out by colleges for their varied experience and academic skills. Students graduate ready to succeed with excellent critical thinking and communication skills, as well as an ethical and moral foundation to use those skills wisely. 

5. Opportunity

In a smaller school environment, students can do more. It is common for students to be three-sport athletes as well as to participate in the Spring Musical and other extracurricular activities. Instead of having to narrow their interests early, students can explore various activities and can even practice leadership on their teams or in clubs. These extracurricular activities are also opportunities for staff and faculty to mentor students and encourage spiritual growth.

6. Individualized Attention

A smaller faith-based institution can provide more individual attention than most public schools are able to give. Our teachers and staff view every child as a unique person created in God’s image with talents and gifts that we seek to develop for God’s glory.

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Parenting in a Digital Age

At WSCA, we partner with parents to provide students with an education that prepares them to impact the world for Christ. We prioritize parent involvement and encourage parents to be closely involved with their child's education. 

As part of our commitment to parents, we provide resources for parents to tackle the challenges that face their children in today’s world. One of these challenges that we as schools have been doing a lot of thinking about (and we know you as parents think a lot about, too) is how to evaluate a teenager’s use of technology from a biblical worldview. 

Parents of students in grades 5-12 are encouraged to watch "Tech-Savvy Parenting: Nurturing Faithful Teens in a Digital Age," a two-part presentation by Matt Campbell, a CSAGH Board member. We hope it fosters healthy family discussions on glorifying God, friendships, technology use, and social media platforms.

Watch the Presentation