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WSCA Christian Elementary School near Harrisburg PA

WSCA'S Christian Elementary School Program

The early years in a child’s life are foundational to their spiritual, academic, and social development. At WSCA, we partner with parents to guide children through these formative years. Elementary classes focus on the fundamentals of a biblical worldview and core academic subjects, preparing students for success in middle and high school. Additionally, we encourage students to develop their gifts by participating in extracurricular activities including concert performances, weekly chapels, intramural sports, field trips, and service projects.

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WSCA Elementary

Building Strong Christian Foundations

From core Bible classes to weekly elementary chapel, the entire elementary curriculum is designed to help students build strong Christian foundations. Our goal is to reinforce what students are learning at home and at church, thus providing a solid three-prong approach for your child's spiritual growth.

We also believe that who students learn from is just as important as what they learn. Our dedicated teachers model a faithful Christian example and are passionate about discipling each student. They become mentors, not just teachers.

A Day in the Life of an Elementary Student

Core Classes

Morning classes focus on 6 core subjects, including reading, writing, math, Bible, history, and science. Intentional focus is placed on helping students to master subject foundations and igniting their love of learning.

Center groups for reading, writing, and math help students to progress at an individualized pace.

Afternoon specials

Elementary students enjoy afternoon specials on a 6-day cycle. Specials include art, music, library, PE and technology.

Special Experiences

Are you ready for your child to thrive both spiritually and academically at West Shore Christian Academy? We would love to hear from you!

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