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WSCA'S Christian Kindergarten Program

The WSCA Kindergarten is a 5-day, all-day Kindergarten designed to equip students with the academics foundations for elementary school as well as the spiritual building blocks of biblical truth. We partner with families to nurture young minds and hearts, focusing on the needs and gifts of each student as a unique individual.

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Building Blocks of Truth

Biblical principles are woven into everything we do in Kindergarten at WSCA. We want to equip our youngest students with an understanding of who God is and what the Bible says. Students enjoy a daily Bible story and work on memorizing a Bible verse each week, often incorporating music. Our teachers are also committed Christians and serve as role models for impressionable minds.

A Whole-Family Approach

We believe it is essential to work alongside families. Kindergarten teachers send out a weekly newsletter telling about what’s happening in the classroom and what’s coming up next week. We also welcome parents as classroom volunteers.

A Day in the Life

Core Classes

During the school day, students focus on core subjects including reading, writing, math, and Bible. Though the teaching is play-based, our kindergarten teachers are passionate about helping students to build academic skills for the rest of elementary school. They utilize a variety of learning styles to help each student succeed.

Center groups for math, reading, and writing help to challenge each student where they are.


Kids should be active and have fun! Kindergarten students have 2 recesses each day to promote healthy activity and outdoor play.


Students enjoy specials on a 6-day cycle. Specials include art, music, library, gym, and choir. These specials are carried into elementary school.

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Special Experiences

Are you ready for your child to thrive both spiritually and academically at West Shore Christian Academy? We would love to hear from you!

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